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Freequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the chimney sweep swindon's arrival?

Sweeps need space to work so just make sure the area in front of the fireplace is clear. Any hot ash should also be removed the night before. Empty ashes from the grate and other debris, and move away any hearth furniture and companion sets. I always bring sheets to cover the floor area. 

How much do I charge for a sweep

A typical standard sweep I charge £50.00 inc VAT, if there is a blockage or a birds nest then this can increase due to time to remove the blockage. 

Can I have a fire the night before a chimney sweep arrives?

Sure no problem! but please remove any hot ash or coal from the stove before I arrive. Regarding Aga’s and Rayburns please turn these off 24 hours before my visit as they require a longer time to cool down. 

How often should my fire be swept?

People ask me that question more than any other! The answer depends on what fuel is used in your chimney:-

Smokeless coals: At least once per year
Wood: Once per season when in use
Bitumous coal: Twice per year
Oil: Once per year
Gas: Once per year

What areas does Mark the sweep cover?

I cover the whole of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, please note during busy season it may take a while to get to you due to extreme demand. Our busy season is from August to February.

What happens to the soot?

Soot used to be very valuable to sweeps! People would buy it for farming. Once I have removed the soot from the vacuum, I can either dispose of the soot myself or leave it with you to give your plants and vegetables a boost in the garden!

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